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Division by Zero Labs was founded by Steve Rowley, a contract chemist specializing in the development of chemical and food manufacturing processes. He has diverse expertise in drying techniques, particle agglomeration, reaction modeling, and product design. At DbZ Labs, we perform custom R&D for our customers, provide innovation, and guide them through the manufacturing process from lab scale to piloting and commercialization. We have diverse experience drying chemical, pharmaceutical, biological, agricultural, and food products.  

what we do

Spray Drying


 With our lab scale R&D spray dryer we are capable of testing very small samples and adjusting parameters quickly. For difficult to dry  materials there is no better way to efficiently and economically perform screening tests to find the optimum carrier system.  We also have access to a pilot spray dryer that averages 50 lbs/hr of water evaporation for small scale production or piloting. 

Freeze Drying


Freeze drying is the method of choice for removing solvents from heat sensitive materials. No other method preserves flavors and aromas better. We can perform R&D and feasibility testing with our lab scale freeze dryer and can dry as much as 800 lbs of feed material per batch for piloting and production.



Microencapsulation via spray drying is the best way to produce powders from water-insoluble oils. With this valuable technique we can encase  oil-based products in a water soluble carrier that will release the oil upon hydration. This enables you to offer your oil-based products in a water dispersible form.



Nanoemulsions can improve bio-availability of fat soluble drugs by accelerating uptake by our bodies.  At DbZ labs we have the experience and equipment to optimize surfactant systems and provide maximum stability for emulsions.

Reaction Modeling


 We have 7 different reactors ranging from 500 to 7,000 ml mountable to custom-programmable automation and data collection systems. We can optimize reagent dosing schedules, calculate heat flow characteristics, simulate adiabatic and semi-adiabatic scenarios, and much more.  



We specialize in custom R&D, but are not limited to our lab.  We have a diverse network of pilot plants and production facilities capable of fitting your needs from the beaker to the silo. Whether it's spray drying, freeze drying, blending and agglomeration, or reactionary chemistry, we have a partner for you.

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