Learn about spray drying

Welcome!  We created this page to help answer the questions we get most frequently.  Please bear with us - its a work in progress and some of the content might be missing, if you'r super curious just give us a call and we will talk your ear off about spray drying.

How does spray drying work?

In this article we will go over the basic principles of spray drying .

Will spray drying burn my product?

If your product is temperature sensitive then spray drying might be the best technology for you.  In this article we discuss the heat transfer  properties of spray drying and how high heat doesn't always mean high temperature.

What do spray dried particles look like?

Check out this slide show of SEM images, we will discuss the various features of spray dried particle morphology!

What do spray dried particles ACT like?

This article is all about the properties of spray dried particles and what can be done to modify or change those properties.

How to develop and commercialize a powdered product

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Cost of spray drying processes

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Cost of spray dring equipment

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Spray Drying vs. freeze drying

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